FocaBot is a fully open source project, and encourages collaboration from the community.

Whether or not you know how to code, you can help in many ways!

Reporting bugs

The most easy way to contribute to the project is by reporting bugs you find in the bot.

There's a #feedback channel in the support server just for that, and by reporting bugs (even the most insignificant ones) you're helping making the bot better.

You can also open GitHub issues, if you got the time and are familiarized with them.


If you're fluent in another language besides english, you can help by helping translate the bot.

The entire translation team is made of volunteers who want to make FocaBot more accessible for those who don't speak english.

Head over to if you want to help.

If your language is not in the list of target languages, just send me a DM on discord (TheBITLINK#3141) asking me to add it.

If decide to help with translations, make sure to join the support server and ask me to give you the "Translator" role, so you can receive announcements and be properly credited in the release notes.


If you want to make improvements, add features or fix bugs by yourself, go ahead! PRs are always welcome.

That's the magic of the open source projects, after all.

FocaBot is written in CoffeeScript and uses the discord.js library, with its own command framework on top.


Hosting the public instance of the bot costs money, and often, that money comes out of my own pocket. If have some spare money and want to help me with those hosting costs, i'd appreciate it a lot.

Head over to the donations section to know how to donate.